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Neighborhood Vendor Services Resource List

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  2. HOA Vendor Services Resource List
  3. Vendors are critical to your HOA success to perform significant functions and services to sustain your neighborhood in many aspects. OSNI wants to help registered Owasso neighborhoods have access to vendor contacts that are utilized by local HOA boards. This resource will assist neighborhood leaders in researching potential vendors for selecting the most appropriate provider.
  4. The information you provide is solely a courtesy to the Owasso Strong Neighborhood Initiative program and is for informational purposes only as a resource for Owasso neighborhoods. Listed contractors or companies will be compiled by OSNI staff for HOA reference for services, and could be shared in a public format.
  5. OSNI accepts no responsibility or liability for its accuracy, and makes no representation as to the suitability for the area of expertise listed. OSNI does not endorse or recommend any contactors or companies listed.
  6. MISC: Christmas lights, concrete, electrician, exterminator, plumber, tree trimming, etc.
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