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  1. Open Records Request

    Request for records pursuant to the Oklahoma Open Records Act.

  2. Owasso No Knock Opt Out

    This form is for residents who have signed up to be added to the No Knock List, but now wish to be removed from the list. If you are... More…

  3. Talent Bank Application

    This is a useful tool to aid the Owasso City Council when filling vacancies on various Citizen Boards and Committees. The Talent Bank... More…

  1. Owasso No Knock List

    This form allows residents to sign up for the No Knock List. This is a list of addresses door to door vendors may NOT visit. The... More…

  2. Solicitors Non-Profit Organization Registration

    The Solicitors Ordinance was amended to include a No Knock List effective August 1, 2015. This service is a courtesy available to all... More…

  3. Timmy & Cindy Project


  1. Ambulance Subscription

    The City of Owasso offers every resident, whether inside or outside city limits, not paying for ambulance service on their utility bill... More…

  2. OSNAP!

    If you have a need attached to a name, address, or phone number you may add it here. Alerts can be for patients who may have special... More…

  3. Register your Safe Room or Storm Shelter
  4. Request A Smoke Detector Installation

    According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) smoke alarms that are installed properly play a vital role in reducing... More…

  1. Ask the Fire Department

    Use this form to ask general questions. Please leave your contact email and/or phone number so that we can reply with an answer... More…

  2. Owasso Fire Prevention Association Knox Box Request

    The Owasso Fire Prevention Association (OFPA) provides residential Knox Boxes for elder or special needs residents, who may live alone... More…

  3. Request A Fire Station Tour

    The Owasso Fire Department looks forward to providing interested parties a tour of our facilities as time permits. Use the form to... More…

Neighborhood Forms

  1. Alert Neighborhood Community Meeting Registration
  2. Group Volunteer Application
  3. Keep Owasso Clean Volunteer Registration
  4. Neighborhood Leadership Conference
  5. Neighborhood Registration Form

    Neighborhood contact is extremely important. By providing this information, our office is able to send information out about upcoming... More…

  6. Owasso CARES Day of Service Volunteer Registration
  7. School or Court Ordered Community Service Volunteer Application
  1. Block Party Registration Form

    This form is utilized to register your neighborhood block party.

  2. Individual Volunteer Application
  3. Neighborhood HOA Contact Annual Update

    Form for Home Owner Association groups to update their leadership names, roles and contact information.

  4. Neighborhood Leadership Workshop
  5. Neighborhood Vendor Services Resource List

    Form for HOA leaders to complete for OSNI to compile and share with other Owasso neighborhoods of utilized vendors for services withing... More…

  6. Realtor Workshop Registration

Police Department

  1. Address History Check Request
  2. Ask an Officer

    Use this form to ask general questions. Leave your contact email and/or phone number so that we may contact you back with an answer.

  3. False Alarm Quiz
  4. Lost Animal Report

    Please use this form to report a lost animal to Owasso Animal Control officers. You must be a resident in the city limits of Owasso to... More…

  5. Motor Vehicle Accident Report Request
  6. Owasso UCR Stastics Request
  7. Request For Copy Of A Police Incident Report

    This request form is to be used to obtain a copy of an existing report. To file a new report, please contact the Owasso Police... More…

  8. Speed Trailer Request

    In the next few weeks, the Owasso Police Department will be utilizing a speed trailer that records vehicle speed. This trailer will be... More…

  9. Weekly Jail Booking Log Request
  1. Animal Welfare Report

    This form is for details related to an animal welfare concern.

  2. Crime Tip Form

    If you any any information related to a crime tip, please send in this form. It will be fowarded to the Detective Division for... More…

  3. Informacion sobre el problema

    This is a Spanish language form to report problems to the PD.

  4. Lost Property Report
  5. Nuisance Animal Report
  6. Police Call Log Request
  7. Residential Watch Order

    Use this to report to the Police Department that you will be out of town.

  8. Traffic Complaint

    Please detail any complaint related to speeding, reckless driving, etc. in the form. It will be forwarded to the patrol supervisors.

Public Works

  1. Lost or Stolen Refuse Cart

    This form is for residents to report a lost or stolen refuse cart.