What services does the City of Owasso provide?
The City of Owasso provides sanitary sewer and refuse service for all city residents. Depending upon the area of the city that you live in, water service may be provided by the City of Owasso, Rogers County Rural Water District #3, or Washington County Rural Water District #3. Please contact the Utility Billing Department at 918-376-1500 to determine which entity would serve your residence or business.

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1. What services does the City of Owasso provide?
2. What do I need to get my services started with the City of Owasso?
3. How much notice is needed to get service started?
4. Is the deposit refundable?
5. Will a letter of credit waive my deposit?
6. How can I make my payment?
7. Can I receive my water bill electronically?
8. How do I get the senior (65+) ambulance discount?