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Keep Owasso Clean logoAs residents of our community, it is our responsibility to come together to educate and encourage the behavior of not littering.

Keep Owasso Clean was developed through a partnership with Owasso Strong Neighborhood Initiative (OSNI) and Owasso Girl Scout Troop 661. The Girl Scouts saw an opportunity to work with OSNI to educate residents the negative impact that litter has on our community and to promote Owasso as a litter-free community.

Keep Owasso Clean is a volunteer program that allows neighbors, families and groups to join our efforts to keep our community clean by helping with litter pickup and encouraging a behavior of not littering our community. 

Keep Owasso Clean is a volunteer event that occurs on designated Saturdays (weather permitting). Volunteers gather at 8:30 am at City Hall to receive their assigned area and supplies for picking up litter. Project areas are typically completed in two hours.

2024 Dates 

April 20     June 8     September 7     October 26   

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Litter Effects
Litter hurts everyone and everything, from humans to animals; from the earth to the environment; from the water to the skies. Our health and safety can be threatened by litter, whether it be a fire hazard, open containers housing stagnant water for mosquitoes, or broken glass in the path of humans or animals. Removing litter left by careless behaviors cost all of us in time and money for it to be picked up and disposed of properly. Litter affects the pride of a community and reduces property values. Clean communities have a better chance of attracting new residents and businesses than those where litter is common. 

Most Common Littered Items

  • Cigarette butts/tobacco containers
  • Plastic bottles
  • Beverage cans
  • Banana peel/apple core/orange peel

Litter Decomposition Times

  • Cigarette butts - 18 months to 10 years
  • Plastic bottles - 450 years
  • Beverage cans - 200 plus years
  • Banana peel - 3 to 4 weeks

Litter Behavior Change-What YOU Can Do

  • Chose not to litter; set an example for others
  • Teach kids the value of a clean environment
  • See litter, pick it up and dispose of it properly
  • Carry a litter bag in your vehicle or on your bicycle
  • Take care of your neighborhood, street, block, and curb
  • If you smoke, never throw your cigarette butts on the ground
  • Make sure trash can lids fit securely to prevent litter blowing away
  • Secure loads or remove trash from the back of your truck
  • Be community minded; get involved in a community clean up

Let’s Keep Owasso Clean

Keep Owasso Clean Photo Gallery

Girl Scout Troop 661
Final Collection-trash bags
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