Senior Adult Programs and Activities

Jean Patterson

We continue to explore options to both meet the existing needs and also to bring interesting new options to our participants and the public in general through regularly scheduled activities as well as community events.

Summertime is finally here. At least we think so. It will be flip-flop weather before we know it...oh wait. This is Oklahoma! It’s always flip-flop weather in Oklahoma, isn’t it?

The summer season often sees changes in participation in some of our pro-grams. People go away on vacations; they spend the early hours of the day working in their yards before it gets too hot; they find themselves watching grandchildren. And sometimes people show up just to come into a cool place to hang out on the hot afternoons. That’s great too.

One of the changes that take place as of June 1 is the Tai Chi for Balance class that has been meeting on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. This group is going on hiatus for the summer session; we anticipate having them return in September. Meanwhile though, we have another Tai Chi group that meets Mondays and Wednesdays at 1:00. There is room in this class for more students, whether beginners or experienced Tai Chi practitioners.

Another class change that takes place as of June 1 is Line Dancing. We have revamped the classes so that the Beginners are followed immediately by the more advanced dancers on Mondays and Tuesdays. The beginner class will be at the same set time on Wednesdays. Thursday and Friday classes are earlier in the afternoon, and they will be just for fun instructor’s choice. Times and days are listed on Page 7 of this guide.

We have some striking new tables in our Rec Room that are designed for game boards, dominos, or card games. We are so proud of the Redbud District custom artwork on these tables, and very happy to have them available for people to enjoy using. Check out our library of board games & cards.

Please remember to stay hydrated during the hot weather. Your health matters! 

Jean Patterson

-Senior Adult Program Coordinator