Police Department Vision & Core Values

Mission Statement

The mission of the Owasso Police Department is to work in partnership with the citizens of Owasso to prevent crime, enforce the laws and to enhance the quality of life in our community.

Vision Statement

The Owasso Police Department will exemplify leadership in police innovation, professionalism and customer service. Enhancing the quality of life for our citizens and adherence to the belief that all citizens deserve to be treated with dignity and respect guides every decision within our agency.

Core Values


The Owasso Police Department hires and promotes persons of good character based on the belief that actions and decisions rooted in good character will always have positive results.

Customer Service

The Owasso Police Department recognizes that treating citizens as important customers is the best way to garner support from and provide for the needs of the community.


The Owasso Police Department recognizes the complicated nature of policing a rapidly growing community and changing society. Policing in this dynamic environment demands progressive and innovative decision making that continually seeks to improve efficiency and effectiveness.


The Owasso Police Department strives to exemplify professional service in every aspect of daily operations. Setting high standards for training, conduct, appearance, and technology supports every function within the organization.

The Owasso Police Department aspires to achieve the highest quality in all that we do through diligent effort, both individual and collective, and we accept the sacrifices, risks, and responsibilities involved in the pursuit of excellence so that we can perform to the very best of our capacities and exceed our own expectations.