City of Character

Owasso's Character Initiative

On May 21, 2002, the Owasso City Council passed a resolution declaring their intent to initiate and support the City of Owasso becoming a "City of Character." By doing so, Owasso joined local and international communities in a commitment to promoting an environment which emphasizes positive character qualities in every sector of the community.

Means of promoting positive character qualities include placing banners around the city defining the "character trait of the month", sending character trait information to residents in utility bills, submitting newspaper editorials about the monthly character trait, holding families of character training classes and meeting with local business leaders encouraging them to implement a character initiative in their place of business.

As a result of these efforts, the Character Council has received positive feedback from citizens, civic and business leaders. In addition, Owasso was recently toured by the International Character Cities delegation composed of people from 5 different countries who were seeking implementation information for use in their cities.

A new character trait is displayed on the City's homepage each month and includes a link for more information. 

Click here for this month's character trait.