Code Enforcement

Compliance with City Ordinances

The City of Owasso Code Enforcement Division seeks compliance with City ordinances pertaining to maintenance, sanitation, rehabilitation, conservation, and safety of existing residential and commercial properties. The City of Owasso codes are intended to benefit everyone while making our neighborhoods a better place to live, work, and play. Compliance with these standards can reduce vandalism, deter crime, maintain property values, and prevent deterioration of your neighborhood.

Private nuisances are not worked by the Code Enforcement Division and are considered civil issues. Some examples of common civil issues include violations of Homeowners Association by-laws, improperly installed fences between adjacent residential properties, trees overhanging into neighbors' yards, distasteful paint colors on homes, and property line disputes.


The Code Enforcement Division has to allow due process to occur when requiring abatement of violations. Upon verification that a violation exists, an officer may give a verbal warning to the occupant; issue a written notice and hang it on the door; or, send a letter of notification; all with a specific compliance date.

Upon re-inspection, if the violation still exists, a notice and order is sent to the last known property owner; in addition, you may see a notice posted on the property, and again a compliance date is given. Continued non-compliance may result in judicial remedies or contractor abatement.

  1. Robert Stacy

    Code Enforcement Officer

  2. Brian Dempster

    Community Development Director