Ordinances, Regulations, Reports & Plans

Quality of Life Plan

The Quality of Life Plan was adopted in April 2011 as a policy document that establishes the guiding development principles for the future growth and quality of life in Owasso.

Zoning Code

The most recent version of the Owasso Zoning Code (PDF) was adopted by City Council on June 19, 2018 and then amended in August of 2019. Regulations include but are not limited to permitted uses, height, area, density, landscaping, tree preservation, screening, and signage. These codes should not be used as a substitute for contacting the Community Development Department. The Community Development Department can inform you of any recent updates or other important information that may concern your situation. 

GrOwasso 2035 Land Use Master Plan 

The GrOwasso 2035 Land Use Master Plan provides a blueprint for growth and development in the City of Owasso over the next 20 years. It was adopted by the Owasso City Council in 2022 to replace the previous GrOwasso 2030 Land Use Master Plan.

Subdivision Regulations

The arrangement of parcels of land in Owasso for residential, office, commercial and industrial uses and for public needs, such as streets and

easements, etc. will to a large degree determine the health, safety, economy and quality of life in the city. Such amenities are a public concern. The Owasso Subdivision Regulations (PDF) are intended to insure the development and maintenance of a safe, healthy, attractive, and efficient community and provide for the conservation of its human and physical resources.

Building Permit Reports

The Owasso Building Permit Report (PDF) is a monthly listing of permits issued for new single-family and commercial construction projects.

For a paper copy of any of the documents listed above, please visit Owasso City Hall. Printing fees may be required.