Development Process Flow Charts

Developing property in the City of Owasso involves several sequential steps, and the specific steps depend on where the particular piece of property is at in the process. A general overview of the development process and approvals that are handled by the Planning Division in the Community Development Department can be found here. Some steps in the development process allow for applications to be submitted and processed concurrently with approval from the Planning Division.

Listed below are flow charts for the various applications and cases that are processed through the Planning Division. Please contact staff if you have further questions regarding any of these processes at or at 918-376-1500.

Development projects often require approvals from the Owasso Public Works Department (construction plans, civil package, etc.) Please contact the Public Works Engineering Division at 918-272-4959 for more information on these approval procedures and timelines. More information on the design criteria and construction standards for the City of Owasso can be found here.

  1. Brian Dempster

    Community Development Director

  2. Alexa Beemer

    Planning Manager

  3. Wendy Kramer

    City Planner

  4. Cyndi Townsend

    Planning Technician