Individuals wishing to annex into the City of Owasso should contact the Community Development Department staff at or at 918-376-1500.

Reasons Behind Annexation

Property is typically annexed for the following reasons:
  • To receive municipal water and sewer services.
  • To obtain enhanced police, ambulance, and fire protection.
  • To receive more comprehensive land use and zoning controls.

Defining Annexation

Annexation is the legal process of changing the status of a piece of property from belonging to an unincorporated area, typically a county, to belonging to the area of an incorporated municipality and within the City Limits of the municipality. This means that property owners would have all of the rights to municipal services. Municipalities have their own local governments and elected officials, as does the county.

Once a tract of land is made part of the municipality, the individual may vote in all local elections held by the municipality. In order for a property to be annexed, it must be contiguous to the annexing municipality. Property annexed into the City of Owasso will typically be assigned a zoning of AG (Agriculture), unless there circumstance involved where another zoning is warranted.

The application for annexing into Owasso City Limits can be found here.