Economic Development

Owasso, Oklahoma is one of the fastest growing cities in the state. With an average annual growth rate of 4% for the last four years and projected to continue, this suburb is a major contributor to the Tulsa regional economy.  

Owasso's economic growth has been driven by retail for the last ten years.  However, approximately 85% of the population commutes outside of Owasso on a daily basis to work in the Tulsa region.  Major employers in Cherokee Industrial Park, the Port of Catoosa, Tulsa International Airport and more have brought great talent to the area; and Owasso's accessibility, affluence, educational opportunities, shopping, character and quality of life have made this community "home" to  much of that talent.

The City of Owasso has room to grow.  The City is fiscally and responsibly planning for this growth.  Business or personal -- we are open for business.  Owasso is the City Without Limits.  Welcome home.

Retail Growth
Owasso's key strength is its strategic location and immediate accessibility to the Tulsa International Airport, the Tulsa Port of Catoosa, and the Cherokee Industrial Park.  Due to the unique alignment of the region's highway system, Owasso is the collection point for consumers in over a 4,300 square mile area.  U.S. Highways 75 and 169 are major north/south freeways feeds into Owasso, while State Highway 20 feeds residents to the west and east of Owasso.  This "funnel" effect is comprised of several cities in northeastern Oklahoma and southern Kansas that have little or no retail in their local areas.  Our traffic counts prove we are much bigger than we appear.  This is why national retailers have located and are very successful in Owasso, Oklahoma.
Aerial View of Owasso
This business growth brings valuable tax revenue into the community, improving and stabilizing the city's economy and providing for a sustainable community. The additional revenue allows the city to better support existing businesses and to encourage additional growth. This cycle of growth and reinvestment promotes fiscal health within Owasso today and the future.

Relocating a Business
Owasso has grown into an ideal site for businesses looking to relocate. With exceptional schools, housing and shopping in place, Owasso is also home to 2 state of the art medical facilities. This combination of schools, shopping and medical care contributes to a well-rounded and growth oriented community. All we need now is you and your business!

Local Jobs
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