Beginning of the Department

Organized fire fighting began in the City of Owasso in 1948. The establishment of the City Fire Department was preceded by the Owasso Community Fire Department, which was incorporated in June 1952. The Owasso Community Fire Department Board Members included Harry Worley, J.R. Glasgow, B.R. Green, R.O. Coonfied and W.E. Rice. The Owasso Community Fire Department's 1st Fire Chief was Harry Worley.

In 1965, the City took over the Fire Department and moved the station to Broadway and Main Street. This 2 bay station housed the city's first new 1965 Ford Boardman pumper and a Dodge Power wagon wildland vehicle. Prior to the Boardman pumper, the Fire Department was operated with a 1946 Ford pumper, 1946 Dodge truck, and a 1955 Dodge truck.

The Johnson's

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Johnson answered the phones to dispatch the Fire Department to emergencies. However, in the event the Johnson's were not home, a switch was installed outside the local shoe store that the Johnson's owned. This allowed other personnel to report a fire and sound an alarm. In addition, cards were printed with names and phone numbers, including Tom Johnson, and 5 drivers.

Paid Officers

In 1970, approximately 17 fire hydrants were serviced by the Fire Department, compared to the approximately 1,700 fire hydrants serviced by the Fire Department in the district today. In February of 1973, the proposed Owasso civic building (currently Fire Station No. 2), housing all primary functions of city government came before voters. The building is located at 207 South Cedar. In 1974, the transition of a combination volunteer / paid Fire Department occurred with Bob Baker being the first paid Fire Marshal.

Vernon Chase was appointed as the first paid Fire Chief effective July 1976. He was with the City since February 1976 and had 20 years experience through military services as a fireman. In August 1976 the first proposal was made that the Owasso Fire Department take over the ambulance service from Moore Funeral Chapel. Moore had stopped providing the ambulance service due to the high cost.


In 1976, Owasso began to make plans for its first 24-hour ambulance service. The first fire station was located at 12 North Main. The fire station located at 207 South Cedar (currently Fire Station No. 2) was built in 1974. In 1994, it was closed and relocated to 8901 North Garnett Road. In 2001, the Fire Department became a fully paid department with no volunteers. Station 2 was later remodeled and opened again in June 2005 as the department continued to grow. In 2007, Fire Station No. 3 was opened at 9901 North 145 East Avenue. In May of 2019, Fire Station No. 4 was opened at 11933 East 116 Street North, along with the Public Safety Training Center and new Fire Department Headquarters.

Current Fire Department

Today, the Owasso Fire Department provides fire suppression over approximately 42 square miles and medical services over approximately 76 square miles. There are 4 manned fire stations, staffed with 20 firefighters on each of the 3 shifts. Firefighters work a 24-hour tour of duty and 48 hours off duty.