Owasso Strong Neighborhood Initiative

Building Relationships Today For Stronger Neighborhoods Tomorrow and A Better Community For All

Background & Why We Are Here

Strong Neighborhoods are the primary component of an attractive and vibrant community. Developing Strong Neighborhoods is a sound foundation for a community and provides a commitment to protect the investments residents and businesses have made in their community.Neighbors talking at fence

In 2008, City Management and Department Directors, with the support of the City Council, a plan was created to be proactive in protecting our neighborhoods with an initiative called Owasso Strong Neighborhood Initiative.

Owasso Strong Neighborhood Initiative (OSNI) values neighborhoods as core building blocks of a great community and engages residents in creating and sustaining neighborhoods to be safe, strong and attractive.

OSNI has provided residents an avenue to partner with the City to protect their investments, as well as the community’s economic stability and long-term prosperity. 

How We Help

  • Build partnerships with neighborhood groups to encourage residents’ input for developing open lines of communication
  • Assist neighborhood groups to establish Volunteer Neighborhood Networks and Homeowners Associations
  • Work with neighborhood groups to develop plans and strategies for their neighborhood
  • Assist residents and neighborhood groups to resolve issues by providing information, recommendations and resources
  • Serve as the point of contact between residents and the City
  • Coordinate neighborhood events such as grant projects, block parties, and ways to serve

OSNI provides support and programs that directly contribute to strengthening neighborhoods throughout the City of Owasso. OSNI strives for neighborhoods to develop and maintain clean, safe and attractive places to live, work, and play.

What We Have Done

  • Provided opportunities for residents to become actively engaged in neighborhood events through block parties and grant projects
  • Offered reinvestment opportunities to neighborhoods with Grants
  • Initiated training and education for neighborhood leadership through Annual Leadership Conference and Workshops
  • Supported efforts of neighborhood leaders to strengthen Owasso neighborhoods
  • Developed a cooperative relationship between residents and the City
  • Collaborated communication with residents and City Departments
  • Introduced crime awareness tips to keep neighborhoods safe
  • Created confidence in neighborhoods to assure they are valuable, sustainable, and fundamental to Owasso’s future

Strong Neighborhoods are an essential part of the City’s tag line of
REAL People – REAL Character – REAL Community

  1. Jerry Fowler

    Neighborhood Coordinator

  2. Lori Lane

    Neighborhood Administrative Coordinator

  3. Neighborhoods

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    200 S Main Street
    Owasso, OK 74055

    Mailing Address
    P.O. Box 180
    Owasso, OK 74055

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