Contact Information

Call Christy Brown at 918-376-1564.

Helpful Police Department Forms

Residential Watch Order

Use this residential watch form to request a watch on your residence while you are away.

Tip Form

This tip form may be used to give the Owasso Police Department information anonymously. The information sent cannot be traced.

Citizen's Collision Report Form

This collision report form (PDF) may be used to record information from an auto accident.

Traffic Complaint

Use this traffic complaint form to notify the department of repeated traffic violations in your area.

Ask An Officer

Use this ask an officer form to ask an officer questions regarding local law enforcement. This form is anonymous. Either a phone number or email is required in order for the officer to reply.

Ride Along Form

Request to ride along and observe members of the Owasso Police Department perform their duties. Including riding in police cars with members of the Owasso Police Department during regular police activities. Please print out this ride along form (PDF) and bring to the Police Department to be notarized.

Speed Trailer Request

The Owasso Police Department will be utilizing a speed trailer that records vehicle speed. This trailer will be placed in various neighborhoods. The results of the information collected will enable the Police Department to evaluate and take measures to control speeding problems in specific areas. Use this speed trailer request form to request a speed trailer in your neighborhood.

Public Relations Event Request

With advance notice, the Police Department may arrange tours of the department, or may schedule to have a police officer address your organization. Please complete this public relations even request form (PDF) and email it to us, or stop by the police administrative offices, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday - Friday, to fill out a copy of the form. Please allow at least 25 to 30 days notice. Also, understand that your request may be denied if there is a scheduling conflict or cancelled if officer manpower is needed for emergency police incidents. There is a limit of 2 events per day, with no overlap.