Neighborhood Sign Toppers

Ator Heights Sign TopperPurpose of program is to:

  • Help neighborhoods be recognized for their unique identity
  • Increase the visibility of a neighborhood to non-residents
  • Encourage a sense of belonging and neighborhood pride
  • Complement other neighborhood identity efforts


Homeowner Associations or Volunteer Neighborhood Networks that are registered with the Owasso Strong Neighborhood Initiative and have designated boundaries are eligible to take part in the Neighborhood Sign Topper Program.

Program Guidelines

Neighborhoods interested in participating in the Neighborhood Sign Topper Program must complete and submit an Order Form to Owasso’s Neighborhood Coordinator with information identifying street locations for the toppers to be installed. Once the application is approved and payment is received, the City will order the sign(s) and schedule installation. The City of Owasso reserves the right to refuse approval for any reason.

Design / Manufacturing Guidelines

To maintain consistency for all Owasso neighborhoods, specific design standards have been established. Neighborhood signs will be double sided with neighborhood name. Pricing is based on cost of sign, pole and brackets per location. Costs are subject to change due to vendor agreements with the City. All costs for sign(s) and installation are the responsibility of Neighborhood.

Installation / Maintenance Guidelines

Only the City of Owasso’s Public Works Department is authorized to install, remove, repair, or replace Neighborhood Sign Toppers. The City of Owasso reserves the right to remove any sign topper that has become unsightly without replacing the sign. The cost for replacement of signs is the responsibility of the Neighborhood.

Street Sign Topper Order Form (PDF)

  1. Jerry Fowler

    Neighborhood Coordinator

  2. Lori Lane

    Neighborhood Administrative Coordinator

  3. Neighborhoods

    Physical Address
    200 S Main Street
    Owasso, OK 74055

    Mailing Address
    P.O. Box 180
    Owasso, OK 74055

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