Parks Master Plan


Owasso Parks Master Plan (PDF)

Purposes of the Parks Master Plan

  • To set forth the guidelines for future parks development, facility development and use policies, leisure service delivery and the operation and management of the parks and recreation system.
  • To be an overall policy guide for short and long-term physical and program development of the public recreation and open space areas of the city. It will provide a foundation for decision-making by the City of Owasso.
  • To outline specific goals and objectives for community recreation services in light of the general pattern of existing and future development of land uses and community character. The plan will inventory and set the direction for parks and open space decision-making in light of the current status of the city in the following areas: land use, environmental resources, recreational transportation, and cultural resources.
  • To advance measures and provide recreational and open space facilities that encourage a healthy lifestyle and an appreciation of the beauty of the natural resources of Owasso.

Objectives of the Parks Master Plan

Community and Neighborhood Parks

  • Focus efforts on developing large community parks
  • Create standards for parks installation and construction
  • Encourage developers to create neighborhood parks
  • Develop a park geared towards young adults
    • Outdoor Amphitheater
    • Local musical artists/bands routinely featured at parks
    • An outdoor patio bar and/or grill type place
    • Could be similar to River Parks area in Tulsa
  • Pursue the development of the downtown waterfront project

Enhancing Existing Parks

  • Install a rock climbing facility at one of the parks
  • Develop Frisbee golf at Centennial Park
  • Provide Ferry/carriage rides in parks at certain times of the year
  • Stocked fishing ponds at Elm Creek, Centennial, and Sportspark
  • Construct a splash pad at Rayola Park
  • Build another gazebo in one of the parks, similar to the Rayola gazebo
  • Encourage the use of parks for block parties, cookouts, etc.
  • Explore possible wireless internet access to all parks
  • Build more outdoor basketball courts in existing parks
  • Update existing playground equipment in all parks
  • Install playground equipment in parks that do not have it
  • Provide public restrooms at all parks that have parking lots
  • Cover pedestrian bridges located within parks
  • Provide for Geocaching within the parks

New Types of Parks

  • Construct a miniature golf course in Owasso
  • Construct a trails system throughout Owasso
  • Provide a mountain bike park
  • Provide a dog park in Owasso
  • Construct a large water park in Owasso
  • Provide a rock climbing facility in an Owasso park
  • Construct a kids' park for ages 6 - under

Park Location

  • Develop additional parks in the northeast part of the community
  • Buy parkland while it remains available for parks development
  • Seek donated land from developers before developments are complete
  • Locate meditation center near the hospitals
  • Develop parks around existing schools, prior to the development of the area
  • Survey utility customers to find out where citizens would like to place different kinds of parks

Park Themes

  • Develop a western heritage theme at Rayola Park
  • Install information plaques within Owasso parks
  • Develop themed naming systems for street signs within parks, such as Native American names or character-oriented names
  • Revisit the "Name the field or site" program for fund-raising
  • Create different themes for different parks
  • Promote an annual parent/child fishing day/festival at Elm Creek Park
  • Prepare development plans for individual parks
  • Install trail signage in all Owasso parks
  • Create a unified signage theme throughout the Owasso parks


  • Construct a permanent lighted entrance sign for the Sportspark
  • Continue to strengthen the multi-use aspect of the Sportspark
  • Develop a trails system around the Sportspark
  • Construct a splash pad near Funtastic Island
  • Increase the concession and restroom facilities at the Sportspark
  • Re-number the ball fields at the Sportspark
  • Develop a uniform system of signage for the Sportspark
  • Install irrigation systems in the Sportspark
  • Enhance the ADA accessibility within the Sportspark
  • Construct additional shelters near Funtastic Island
  • Pave the parking areas within the Sportspark
  • Install benches and trees along trails within the Sportspark
  • Install additional fenced-in playground equipment at Funtastic Island
  • Install shielded spotlights around the Sportspark restrooms
  • Install additional drinking fountains at the Sportspark
  • Install Grills with picnic tables throughout the Sportspark
  • Complete the construction of the Veterans Park, including substantial landscaping enhancements
  • Increase the amount of Sportspark landscaping, especially in the north
  • Install signs that map out Sportspark trails
  • Fence and screen the electric box at Funtastic Island
  • Update existing Sportspark equipment and facilities

Park Facilities

Ator Park

  • Picnic Tables
  • Playground equipment

Centennial Park

  • Picnic shelter
  • Playground equipment
  • Restroom
  • Three fishing ponds
  • Three-mile walking and jogging trail
  • Future rock climbing facility
  • Future Frisbee golf course
  • Future carriage rides for holiday events
  • Future gazebo
  • Future basketball courts

Elm Creek Park

  • Picnic Shelter
  • Half-mile walking and jogging trail
  • Restrooms
  • Tennis courts
  • Playground equipment
  • Fishing pond
  • Future basketball courts
  • The future landscaping enhancement project

Friendship Park

  • Gazebo

McCarty Park

  • Baseball fields
  • Soccer fields
  • Restrooms
  • Concessions
  • Rodeo grounds

Rayola Park

  • Baseball fields
  • 3⁄4 mile walking and jogging trail
  • Playground equipment
  • Picnic shelter
  • Volleyball facility
  • Basketball court
  • Annual winter wonderland event
  • Splash Pad
  • Restrooms


  • Eleven skateboard features
  • Restroom
  • Future outdoor lighting


  • Baseball fourplex
  • Cross-country training facility
  • Flag football field
  • Funtastic Island playground
  • Future fishing pond
  • Multi-use fourplex
  • Parks office and maintenance facility
  • Restroom facilities
  • Softball fourplex
  • Thirteen soccer fields
  • Veterans Memorial
  • "Walk in the Park" program

Veterans Park

  • Picnic table
  • Future "Name that Park" promotion
  • Future lighting to enhance the appearance of the mature trees in the park
  • The future landscaping enhancement project
  • Future water feature

Funtastic Island 

  • Picnic Shelter
  • Playground Equipment
  • Restrooms & Water fountains
  • Multiple swings
  • Climbing apparatus
  • slides