A Clear Vision

The City of Owasso is a municipal governmental entity that exists to provide public services.

Those services must be delivered by an organization that is reflective of the community it seeks to serve. Owasso is a community, and we are an organization where volunteerism, donation and self-sacrifice are everyday occurrences. We recognize heroes as being not only those who have dangerous jobs, but also those everyday heroes who perform services for others again and again simply because they care.

City Seal

Community Members

Owasso is a community where the streets are safe, families feel secure, the parks are clean, neighbors care about one another as family, and the football stadium is packed on Friday night. It is a community that places as much importance on a student’s participation in an "Odyssey of the Mind" project or the "Pride of Owasso" marching band as it does on being a star athlete, and recognizes the contributions of all. It is a hometown known for its community spirit, neighborhood block parties, parades, churches, and lemonade stands.

Owasso is a progressive city where commitment to community is recognized and rewarded, where, for generations, families have grown up and wanted to stay. Owasso is a place where governmental services are dependable and efficient, and where new ideas are embraced with enthusiasm and energy which creates an environment for success.

As an organization and as individuals, we hold inherent certain values and principles. These values are set out as an acknowledgement that there exist core beliefs, developed by our life experiences, that give depth and richness to our lives and work. They can, and do, actively benefit us in developing purposeful and satisfying lives as we serve the public. Such values are recognized as critical to the everyday success of our organization. These values are not applied just when convenient, but instilled throughout our organizational process and our daily lives, so that they are naturally applied to every decision made by any individual or group within the organization.


We believe that truthfulness, openness, honesty, ethical conduct and consistency in all actions are basic to the way we treat each other and our customers and that fair treatment to all is an organizational imperative.


We pledge, as stewards managing the public's resources, to be constantly aware of our responsibility to the public and to our work team for all we do.


We commit to a unity of purpose and harmony of action, which is a daily commitment to help create an environment of mutual respect where each individual's contributions are valued.

Quality Work

We recognize that excellence is the standard for all members of our team. We will ensure through training and professional development that each person is afforded the resources and opportunities necessary to accomplish tasks and refine work processes to that standard.


We listen to all customers and respond to their concerns and requests in an efficient and timely manner.


We embrace a comprehensive approach to assessing the long term effects of all decisions.

Innovative & Progressive

We foster a dynamic environment that inspires a willingness to change and encourages individuals to take risks in the development of new and different alternatives to create better processes and solutions.

We envision, therefore, an organization that:

  • Is interdependent, one that empowers and frees individuals to take risks, where the individual's work is challenging
  • Has a sense of common purpose as to why it exists and defines how each individual contributes to its success
  • Removes barriers to creativity and encourages the development and use of individual skills and talents, then uses those skills and talents creatively
  • Creates an environment in which all individuals are responsible for the performance of the group
  • Embraces change as an opportunity for organizational growth and improvement
  • Focuses on results and shared responsibilities
  • Responds to needs by rapidly identifying and acting on opportunities to serve the customer
  • Encourages and inspires the individual to participate in process improvement and the continuous development of more effective ways to serve

Public Service

We have a vision of an organization that values the individual and recognizes that by working together we will better serve the greater cause that is public service. In this vision, we clearly see that public service is about removing the obstacles standing in the way of people celebrating their lives.


Quality seeks excellence for the organization as a whole. The quality initiative recognizes that efficiencies can be realized through teamwork. Process improvements and solutions are centered around creative analysis. And always, in every instance, the path to quality lies in listening to and satisfying customers.