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Rules and Regulations Governing the Collection of Residential Refuse:

Yard waste pickup will not shift days unless a holiday falls on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, although our refuse workers usually work on holidays. Notice will appear in the OWASSO REPORTER or you may call the CITY OF OWASSO-PUBLIC WORKS at 272-4959.


  1. The City of Owasso will collect your City issued green polycart for refuse (only) along with three 30 gallon trash bags once per week on a designated pickup day, provided that during the months of April through October, no yardwaste (lawn clippings, leaves, brush) will be mixed in any manner with the other residential refuse. All trash must be bagged. The City will not pickup and is not responsible for damaged containers that are not City issued.
  2. If cart is overweight, it will be the responsibility of the customer to reduce the weight of the cart (Maximum 200 lbs.)
  3. Damage to carts due to abuse, misuse or negligence by the customer may result in a replacement charge. Missing polycarts must be reported to the Police Department and a copy of the police report taken to Public Works in order to receive a replacement polycart at no charge.
  4. No modifications may be made to the cart, including adding lid straps. Any modifications may result in trash not being collected.
  5. All carts and excess refuse bags (not to exceed three) must be placed within four feet of the curb.
  6. All the refuse shall be placed at the curb prior to 7:00 AM on the collection day.
  7. Household refuse and yardwaste shall not be placed at the curb prior to 24 hours before collection day.
  8. In the interest of a cleaner neighborhood, the city requires all refuse containers at the curb to be removed within 12 hours after being emptied.
  9. Ashes must be cold and placed in a separate bag prior to placement in cart.
  10. All excreta, human or animal, including diapers and cat litter, shall be placed in the residential refuse cart in sealed bags for collection.
  11. All wet garbage, including fish cleaning remains, shall be placed in the residential refuse cart in sealed plastic bags for collection.
  12. After the yardwaste season, brush shall be tied in bundles not to exceed four feet in length and two feet in diameter and placed in refuse bags or your green polycart for collection as residential waste.

    The following items will not be collected by the City of Owasso:
  1. Cans and 55-gallon drums will not be emptied. Only City issued polycarts will be picked up along with three 30 gallon trash bags.
  2. Car batteries, toxic waste or liquids, motor oil, paint, auto tires, piles of lumber, bricks, dirt, stones, sheet rock, carpet, furniture, appliances, boxes, cardboard, packing materials, metal or medical waste. (Boxes and cardboard may be dropped off at the Owasso Recycle Center at no charge).


  1. All yardwaste is to be separated, from April through October, from other residential refuse and must be placed in the City approved clear compost bags or City issued red polycarts if curbside pickup is desired. Such yardwaste will be collected weekly on the day designated for your area (Monday thru Thursday.) Brush shall be tied in bundles not to exceed four feet in length and two feet in diameter. These bundles shall be placed in a red polycart or a city-supplied clear bag at the curbside for collection on the same day designated for general yardwaste.
  2. The City shall make approved clear compost bags available for purchase at a price of 8.00 per package of ten plus applicable sales tax and shall assess no other fees for the disposal of yardwaste contained in such approved bags. The approved clear compost bags shall be offered for sale at City Hall (111 N. Main), the Owasso Recycle Center (499 S. Main), and the Owasso Quick Trip stores.
  3. Red yardwaste polycarts are for yardwaste collection only. The carts are available upon request for an additional monthly refuse fee. To request a red yardwaste polycart call the Utility Billing department during normal business hours at 376-1520.
  4. Yardwaste materials will be accepted at the Owasso Recycle Center Convenience Station – in clear bags only to allow for inspection at no cost to the customer.

For additional information, please view the City of Owasso website at www.cityofowasso.com or call the Owasso Public Works Department at 272-4959.


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