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Owasso Residents GraphicFrequently Asked Questions

The City of Owasso frequently asked questions (FAQ) page has been provided to answer general questions about the City. We have attempted to make our answers as comprehensive as possible, and provide links to other information sources that you may find useful.

These questions have been compiled from actual inquiries to various departments within the City of Owasso. 
The questions are listed by City Departments.

General City Information

Where is City Hall located?
111 N. Main. Directions: Exit Highway 169 at the 76th ST exit; turn West on 76th ST & follow to Main ST; at stop light turn North on Main (right); City Hall is 2 blocks ahead on the East side of Street. Visitor parking is available on both sides of the building.

What are your hours?
City offices are open Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM except on designated Holidays.

Who would I call if I wanted to have the neighborhood area sprayed for mosquitoes?
To have your neighborhood area sprayed for mosquitoes you may contact the Tulsa County Health Department at 918-595-4219.

What is the sales tax in Owasso?
Owasso's sales tax is actually made up of three separate taxes; the state tax, the city tax, and the county tax. The state tax is 4.5%. The city tax is 3%. The county tax is .85%. Total Sales Tax for Owasso is 8.35%.

I have a question that you did not answer. Who can I call to get it answered?
To find the answer to a question not on this list, feel free to call Warren Lehr at 918-376-1500.

Animal Shelter

Does my animal have to be kept on a leash?
Dogs are required to be on a leash or under restraint. An animal is considered under restraint under any of the following conditions:

  • It is humanely controlled by a leash held by a competent person
  • It is securely tethered in a humane manner within the property limits of its owner or keeper
  • The animal is confined on the premises of its owner
  • Under verbal control on private property

In all cases, restraint shall be sufficient to prevent the animal from biting, attacking or having physical contact with any person or with unattended children.

Note: Cats are exempt from the leash law and are not required to be on a leash.

Does my animal have to be spayed/neutered?
By law, all animals are required to be spayed/neutered, and rabies vaccinated.

How many animals can I have in the city limits?
Maximum number of dogs allowed two (2), Maximum number of cats allowed three (3).

Can I have exotic animals in the city limits?
Any wild or exotic animal not generally recognized to be domesticated are unlawful to keep, harbor, maintain or have in his/her possession or under his/her control within the City limits.

Where can I take a stray animal?
Stray animals may be brought to the animal shelter located at 500 S. Main St., however you must live within the city limits of Owasso for the animal to be accepted, and must provide proof of such in the form of a photo Id or drivers license.  Animals found outside city limits or found by persons not residing in city limits must take the animal to the appropriate jurisdictional facility or contact that jurisdiction for instruction.

Does it cost to surrender an animal to the Animal Shelter?
The surrender fee for animals is $10.00, proof of residency is required.

Who can surrender an animal to the Animal Shelter?
Any residents living  within the city limits of Owasso.

Can I just drop off an animal to the shelter without there being an Animal Control officer there? If I do what could happen to me?
Animals can only be dropped off during normal business hours. It is a violation of state and local law, punishable by imprisonment up to one year, or up to $500.00 fine, or both. Any animal dropped off or abandoned at the animal shelter is investigated and fully enforced.

Who do I call to report a barking dog?
During the normal business hours Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Saturday from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM; you can report a barking dog to the Owasso Animal Shelter at 918-272-4965. If the Animal Control Officer is away from the office, please leave a message.  After hours, contact the Owasso Police Department non emergency number at 918-272-2244 and they will respond to the residence on a noise complaint.

Community Center

I didn’t even know Owasso had a community center. What is the community center?
The mission statement of the Owasso Community Center is to promote and provide quality activities and services that will contribute to the physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being of the community. There are various classes, meetings, events and activities hosted at the center year-round. There is a Weekly Schedule on our department's Web page, click here
There are also a large variety of activities for senior citizens.

Is this the senior center?
The building, at its inception, was designated to be a "Community Center", with the stipulation that seniors would always be able to house their activities within the center. Many activities at the center are for other age groups, including children’s art classes in the summer and food handler’s classes, which are every other month. Other classes, such as the senior exercise program, are geared toward senior adults, but people of all ages have found the class appealing because of its low-impact format - for example, someone with arthritis or someone who has recently had surgery and cannot perform high-impact exercises. A monthly calendar of events is on the Senior Services web page.

Where is the community center located?
The physical address is 301 S. Cedar. The building is located off 76th Street North, behind Fire Station #2, which is right next to KFC. At the fire station, you will turn and head south on Cedar Street and you should see our building on the left.

I heard you have pool tables at the community center – can I come play pool?
Pool tables have been purchased through the Owasso Senior Citizen Foundation. They are intended for the use of senior citizens who are a part of the Owasso Golden Ager program and their guests. If you are age 60 and older, you may become a member of the Owasso Golden Agers and then you will have access to our pool tables during office hours.

Do you have rooms available for rent for members of the community?
Yes. Please visit the department's web page “Services to the Community” to get more details about the available rooms and our rates.

A friend of mine said they got their taxes done at the community center. Can I have my taxes done there?
Taxes are done for free through the AARP Tax Aide Program on Tuesdays and Thursdays from February-April each year. All seniors age 60 and older may make an appointment from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. on those dates. All other members of the community with low-to-moderate income can walk in between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on those dates. Walk-ins are served in the order in which they arrive and wait times vary from 10 minutes to 2 hours.

Community Development

For any of the following issues, contact the City of Owasso's Code Enforcement Officer at 918-376-1546 or you can fill out our online Service Request form.

  • neighbor has unusually tall grass, debris or an inoperable vehicle in his or her yard
  • dilapidated property fences and stagnant pool water
  • issues with overgrown trees and shrubs

What do I need to do if I want to start a new business in town?
An Occupancy Permit needs to be completed, there is no charge and takes very little time to fill out. The City Planner, Building Inspector and the Fire Marshall inspect the property and sign off on the permit. For additional information, please contact Permits Clerk at 918-376-1540.

Can I run a business out of my home?
Home occupation requires the Board of Adjustment (Special Exception) approval. No signs can be displayed on the premises and the business shall not generate more than 15 trips per day to and from the premises. For questions or additional information regarding the approval process, please contact Permits Clerk at 918-376-1540.


Requirements for running a Day Care out of my home?
Information can be found on the website of Oklahoma Department of Human Services. Here is a link to the information.

What paperwork do I need for a single-family building permit?
You will need one set of house plans and a plot plan along with the completed permit.
House plans and plot plan need to be delivered to City Hall (111 N. Main). For additional information, please contact Permits Clerk at 918-376-1540.

Do I need a permit for a storage shed?
If the shed is sitting on skids it does not need a permit but does need to stay off easements and have a minimum setback of ten feet from any side yard or rear lot lines. If the building will have a foundation, a building permit is required.

How much is a Contractor, Sub-Contractor, Journeyman or Apprentice license?
The City of Owasso does not issue licenses for Contractors. All Contractors are required to carry valid licenses that are issued by the State of Oklahoma.

How long does it take to receive approval for a residential single family or commercial building permit?
Residential permits take three to five days and a Commercial building permit takes ten to fifteen days. Applicants are notified by phone when the permit is ready to be issued.

Can I get a same day inspection? What information do I need to leave on the inspection line?
As long as the inspection is received prior to 2:00 PM it will be performed that day. The information that needs to be given is:

  • Your name
  • Your company’s name
  • The address of the inspection
  • Permit number
  • The builder’s name
  • The type of inspection
  • When you will be ready

    *Inspection requests may be made by calling the 24-Hr. Inspection line at 918-376-1542.

Do I need a permit for a fence and what is the maximum height?
No permit is required for a fence. Fences and walls within yards should not exceed eight feet in the rear yard. A fence in the front yard should not exceed 4 feet.

Can I build a carport over my driveway?
Carports are permitted by Special Exception, which requires the Board of Adjustment approval.
For additional information, please contact City Planner at 918-376-1543.

Do I need a permit to do work on my own house?
Yes, if the homeowner plans to do their own plumbing, electrical or mechanical work; a permit and inspection will be required. For information, please contact Code Official at 918-376-1544.

Do I need a permit to enclose my garage?
Yes, a building permit does need to be submitted along with plans on the project.
For additional information, please contact Permits Clerk at 918-376-1540.

How large can a detached accessory building be in my rear yard?
It cannot cover more than 20% of the area of the minimum required rear yard and total floor area cannot exceed 750 square feet.

Fire Department

When should I call 911?
Call 911 immediately any time there is an emergency or you feel that your safety or health is threatened.  If you have an issue that is not an emergency, call 918-272-5253 for the fire department or 918-272-2244 for the police department.

How many fire stations are there in Owasso?
Currently, there are three fire stations protecting the City of Owasso and some unincorporated areas of Tulsa and Rogers Counties.  Fire Station #1 is located at 8901 N. Garnett.  Fire Station #2 is located at 207 S. Cedar.  Fire Station #3 is located at 9990 N. 145th E. Avenue.

Is it okay to stop by one of the fire stations and visit?
We encourage the community to visit the stations; particularly the fire station that protects your home and family.  You should be aware that the firefighters may be away from the station for any number of reasons when you try to visit.  Don’t be discouraged, just try again some other time.

Who do I contact to schedule a fire station tour for my group?
You can call Fire Administration at 918-272-5253, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM to schedule a fire station tour or visit by the firefighters.
Why do I see fire trucks at stores and restaurants?
Firefighters work 24-hour shifts every third day, so they work, eat, and sleep at the fire station.  Sometimes they are at these places doing inspections or other fire-related activities.  Other times you may see them at the grocery store buying food to take back to the station to prepare and eat, or at one of our local restaurants eating lunch or dinner. 

Are the ambulances in Owasso part of EMSA?
No.  The ambulance service in and around Owasso is provided by the Owasso Fire Department.  Almost all of our firefighters are also paramedics, and these individuals are trained to handle many different types of emergencies.

Why does a private ambulance service respond to calls in Owasso?
Occasionally, the fire department receives more calls for service than it can handle.  When this situation happens, the fire department relies on assistance from another ambulance service.  This practice prevents the patient from having to wait for one of our ambulances to become available.

How do I get a copy of a fire report for my insurance company? 
Call Fire Administration at 918-272-5253 or come by the administration office at Fire Station #1 (Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM).  There is a form to fill out and a small charge of 25 cents a page.  Most fire reports are four pages or less.

Will the fire department help me install a child safety seat in my car?
Yes.  There are several certified car seat technicians at the Fire Department.  You can call 918-272-5253 to ensure a technician is on duty.  You can stop by any Fire station and we will install your car seat (providing a technician is available).  Fire station #2 (207 S. Cedar) offers a free car seat check station the second Tuesday of every month from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

How do I get a copy of a fire report for my insurance company?
A copy of a fire report can be obtained from the secretary at fire station #1 (8901 N. Garnett Rd.) during normal business hours.  You will need the date and location of the fire.  The cost is $0.25 per page (most reports less than 5 pages).

Is it okay to burn discarded material in my yard?
No.  It is illegal to burn discarded material (refuse/trash) on your property.  However, you may burn tree limbs/brush if it was generated from your property and you live outside the city limits.  For more information refer to the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality website

Municipal Court – Youth Court

Where is Court held?
Court is held at the Old Central Building, located at 109 N. Birch (building directly behind City Hall). Please contact the Court Clerk's office at 918-376-1550 for the date & time to appear.

I just want to pay my speeding ticket; do I have to go to Court?
In most instances, traffic citations may be handled through the mail or payment made in person. Please read the reverse side of your citation and enter your plea by marking the appropriate box and providing your signature.
Payment By Mail: Owasso Municipal Court, PO Box 180, Owasso, OK 74055
In Person: Owasso Municipal Building, 111 N Main, Owasso, Oklahoma

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday-Wednesday & Friday
**9:00 AM - 5:00 PM 2nd Tuesday of each month
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Thursday {Court Day}
except Holidays designated by the City of Owasso

I received an Insurance ticket, I had insurance. I just couldn't find it. What do I do?
By appearing before the office of the Court Clerk at City Hall (111 N. Main) prior to your court date, with valid Proof of Insurance showing the effective date of coverage on or before the date the citation was issued, the citation will be dismissed without costs to you.

I received an insurance ticket; I didn't have insurance at the time. I have insurance now. What do I do?
Operating a vehicle without having valid insurance coverage could constitute a suspension of your driving privileges and require paying a reinstatement fee to the Department of Public Safety. If this is your first insurance citation, you may avoid this action by appearing before the Court on the date and time provided; then showing your current proof of insurance to the Judge. You will be required to pay the fine & court costs.  Upon payment in full the citation may be dismissed.

I received a citation for my driver's license &/or license tag being expired, do I have to go to court?
By appearing before the office of the Court Clerk located at City Hall (111 N. Main) prior to your Court date, and providing a receipt of renewal for your driver's license or license tag, the fine will be reduced to $30.00 and the citation will be dismissed.

My minor child has received a citation for a non-traffic offense; do we have to appear in Court?
Yes. All juvenile offenders of non-traffic violations must make a mandatory Court appearance. As a parent or legal guardian, you are required to attend all court proceedings with your child.

What happens if I don't appear in Court or I don't pay my fine?
Failure to appear before the Court or failure to pay a fine that has been assessed will result in a Bench Warrant being issued for your arrest. The Court will also request to the Department of Public Safety that your driving privileges be suspended until the matter is resolved. The Department of Public Safety will require a reinstatement fee, should your driving privileges be suspended.

Neighborhood Initiative

I am interested in having a Block Party in my neighborhood. Can you tell me what I need to know?
Please visit the City's Block Party page for everything you need to know. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact the City’s Neighborhood Coordinator at 918-376-1556.

How can I start a neighborhood crime watch group?

The Alert Neighborhood Program is a crime prevention program, emphasizing safety in the home and neighborhood. The program is designed for Owasso's residential communities and is sponsored through the Owasso Police Department and the Owasso Strong Neighborhood Program. For information in starting an Alert Neighborhood Program in your neighborhood, contact Owasso's Neighborhood Coorinator at 918-376-1556 or by email at neighborhoodcoordinator@cityofowasso.com

I have a question about the Strong Neighborhood Program or resident-related information that you did not answer. Who can I call to get it answered?

Contact the City's Neighborhood Coordinator by phone at 918-376-1556 or by email at neighborhoodcoordinator@cityofowasso.com

Police Department

How do I get a copy of a police report?
Contact the Records Clerk at 918-376-1568 during regular business hours, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday thru Friday (except designated Holidays), or you may leave a message on voice mail after hours.  You may pick up the copy at the Police station located at City Hall (111 N. Main) once your report has been researched. There may be a small fee.

My car was broken into in Tulsa; can I report the crime here in Owasso?
No, I’m sorry; you must report a crime in the jurisdiction where it occurred. You may only report crimes occurring in Owasso to the Owasso Police Department. We will gladly give you the contact number for other area agencies, if needed.

What types of fireworks are legal in the city limits?
Fireworks that make a loud explosion or launch into the air are prohibited. Sparklers, smoke bombs, and fountains are examples of legal fireworks.  Firecrackers, rockets, mortars, etc., are examples of illegal fireworks.

How can I get an Oklahoma Drivers License?
Drivers Licenses are issued by the Department of Public Safety.  To find the testing center nearest you contact them at 918-632-7700.

How can I get an Oklahoma Drivers Manual?
Contact the Department of Public Safety 918-632-7700.  Sometimes local tag agencies will also have copies.

Someone cut me off in traffic, I have their tag number what do I do?
If you have the tag number as well as description of the vehicle in question, and can positively identify the driver, then you may have enough information to file charge via citizen’s complaint. Please request to speak with an officer if the above information is available. Never take the law into your own hands. The best course of action concerning an aggressive driver is to give them lots of distance and let them pass you.  NEVER chase someone on the highway.  It is dangerous, and rather than helping, you are becoming part of the problem.  Many people are killed each year as the result of “road rage”.

My vehicle was impounded by the Owasso Police Department, how do I get it back?
As long as there is no “hold” on the vehicle, the process to get it back is simple.  Each wrecker service will set their own criteria for release, generally they are as follows:

  • You must be the registered owner.
  • You must bring the title or registration to the wrecker service.
  • You must show proper identification to the wrecker service.
  • You must pay the wrecker company for the towing and storage of your vehicle.

    *To determine which wrecker service is in possession of your vehicle, Contact Owasso Police Records Division 918-376-1568.

How can I get someone out of the Owasso Jail?
There are several ways to get someone out of jail.  The person has to be sober, and eligible for bond.  A bond is a cash deposit to guarantee that someone will appear on their court date.  If they do not show up for court, their bond is forfeited to the court.  If they do show up for court, their bond may be returned to the person who posted it.  For more information on the bonding process, contact the Owasso Court Clerk 918-376-1550.

Here are the methods of getting someone out of jail.

  • Pay the full amount of their bond.  Either in Cash, (exact change required), or by Credit Card.  If the prisoner shows up for court, the bond may be returned to the person who posted it.  (You must contact the Court Clerk!)
  • Contact a bondsman.  The bondsman may charge you whatever amount you both agree on.  The money given to a bondsman will not be returned to you.  The bondsman will sign paperwork to have the prisoner released.
  • Contact an attorney.  The attorney can sign for the prisoner and he will be released.  Again, the fee the attorney charges you will not be returned by the court, and is negotiated between you and the attorney.
  • Wait 10 days.  Owasso is a 10-day holding facility.  We must release a prisoner after 10 days of incarceration.

I locked my keys in my car, can the police open it?
I’m sorry, but the Police Department no longer offers this service. It will be necessary for you to contact a locksmith for assistance.

Someone owes me money; can I have the police make them pay me back?
Sorry, but the police cannot force someone to honor a civil agreement. You need to take that person to small claims court. However, we would be glad to have an officer speak to you to ensure that you have not been the victim of fraud or some other crime.

Online Police Report FAQ's

What do I do if online incident reporting is not right for me? If your incident is an emergency, call 911. If non-emergency, call 918-272-2244.


What if this happened in another city? Can I file a report using this online police citizen reporting system? No, if a crime took place outside the City of Owasso, please contact the police department for that city. To confirm the Owasso City Limits, click here to refer to the city map.


What is a known suspect? A known suspect is when you or someone else knows the person or where to find the person who committed the crime.


Can my insurance company or I get a copy of the accident report that I filled out online? No, the Owasso Police Department does not have a copy of that type of accident report. The online report is printed by the citizen, filled out, and then mailed to the Department of Public Safety.


How long will it take for my report to be approved? It typically takes two to three days for the report to appear in our system and go through the internal review process.


Public Works

Do you have service for yard waste?
Yard waste has to be separated from regular trash from April through October. Yard waste bags can be purchased for a cost of $8.00 for 10 bags.  Bags may be purchased at the Utility Billing window at City Hall (111 N. Main) or Quik Trip locations in Owasso.  No charge for pickup of yard waste bags.

Yard waste poly-carts are available from April through October and cost $11.70 per month, which will be included with your monthly water bill. Contact Utility Billing at 918-376-1500 or complete Yard Waste Order form.

Where can I take materials to be recycled? What can I recycle?
The City of Owasso's Recycling Center is located at 499 S. Main (follow Main St. South of 76th St.). The Recycling Center is open 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Tuesday through Saturday. You can contact the Recycling Center at 918-272-4991. The center recycles glass, plastics, cans, newspaper, cardboard, aluminum, antifreeze, lead-acid batteries, and used motor oil. For additional information, click here

For any of the following issues, contact the Public Works Department at 918-272-4959 or you can fill out our online Service Request form.

  • to repair a pothole on my street
  • to report flooding or drainage problems in my neighborhood
  • to report a missing stop sign or other missing street sign

Who do I call to replace a burned out streetlight?
Call AEP (formerly PSO) at 918-599-6432 or click here to redirect to their report form.

Utility Department

What do I need to get my services started with the City of Owasso?
We require a completed and signed contract for service, two forms of ID, and proof of ownership or valid lease agreement. A $50.00 deposit for residential customers that own their home and a $100.00 deposit for residents renting. For commercial customers, a $100.00 deposit is required. There is a non-refundable service initiation fee of $10.00 for all new or transferred service.

Contracts for service can be completed at the Utility Billing Department at City Hall located at 111 N. Main or you can download the contract from the Water Service Contracts web page.
All customers are required to appear in person for new or transferred service.
For questions, please contact a Utility Billing Clerk at 918-376-1500.

Is the deposit refundable?
The deposit is held for five years or until the account closes, at which time the deposit will be credited toward the final bill. If the final bill is less than the deposit, then a refund check will be issued and mailed to the customer.

How much notice is needed to get service started?
After the application and all information is received, we need one business day notice to get the water service started.

Will a letter of credit waive my deposit?
There is a city ordinance requiring a deposit on every new account.

How can I make my payment?

by Automatic Monthly Payment (ACH) PDF icon

The City of Owasso's automatic payment withdrawal program is a free service through which your utility payment is automatically withdrawn from your checking account.  Download and print out the form, fill out completely and mail it to: City of Owasso Utility Billing P.O. Box 180, Owasso, OK 74055

Online:                               eGov Online Payment Link (no fee!) - click here

by Mail:                               P.O. Box 180 Owasso, OK 74055

by Phone via Credit Card:     918-376-1520 or 918-376-1521

by Drop Box:                       111 N. Main - City Hall {south parking lot}

in Person:                           111 N. Main, Owasso, OK 74055

                                          Click here for a map to City Hall


What services does the City of Owasso provide?
The City of Owasso provides sanitary sewer and refuse service for all city residents. Depending upon the area of the City that you live in, water service may be provided by the City of Owasso, Rogers County Rural Water District #3, or Washington County Rural Water District #3. Please contact the Utility Billing Department at 918-376-1500 to determine which entity would serve your residence or business.


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