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Owasso Character Council
Mission Statement

The Owasso Character Council will strengthen Owasso residents, families and the community as a whole by promoting excellence in character, helping Owasso to become known as a "City of Character."

The reward of modeling good character traits is the satisfaction of seeing a positive character foundation yield positive actions. Consider the analogy that a healthy root will bear healthy fruit.  The root is CHARACTER. It is the inner form that makes anyone or anything what it is-whether a person, a wine or a historical period.  Applied to a person, it is the essential "stuff" he or she is made of, the inner reality in which thoughts, speech, decisions, behavior, and relations are rooted.  As such character determines behavior just as behavior demonstrates character. 

What are the business advantages of implementing a Character Initiative?

Owasso businesses who are taking an active role in the character initiative are seeing advantages such as:

  • Marked increase in productivity and morale
  • Lower incidences of work-related injuries
  • Higher customer satisfaction

These businesses recognize that employees and customers are the two most valuable assets. They are building character among their employees by emphasizing, requiring and recognizing positive character traits. The increased and satisfied customer base is an indirect advantage to the character initiative in the workplace.

For More Information

To learn more about Owasso's character initiative or to attend the Character Training and Management Seminar, contact Michele Dempster, Owasso Character Council Coordinator, at 918-376-1535 or mdempster@cityofowasso.com

Also visit the Owasso Character Council website at www.owassocharacter.org

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