Neighborhood Leadership Conference / Workshops

Annual Neighborhood Leadership Conference (NLC)              January 27, 2018 

Start time 8:30 AM at City Hall Community Room, 200 S Main

Neighborhood Leadership Workshops (NLW)

2018 Dates: March 8

May 10 October 11

Start time 6:30 PM at City Hall Community Room, 200 S Main

To register for Workshops, please complete the registration form .

Purpose of Neighborhood Leadership Conference/Workshops

The Neighborhood Leadership Conference and Neighborhood Leader Workshops provides leadership training for neighborhood and homeowners associations and provides topics to address neighborhood issues.  Leaders from Home Owners Associations and voluntary Neighborhood Networks have an opportunity to meet and share ideas.

Why should I attend? 
  • To develop a better appreciation for neighborhood issues in general, and for developing strategies to address them
  • To develop a better understanding of neighborhood association management techniques and “best practices”
  • To develop a better understanding of city operations and programs
  • To benefit from networking opportunities and new relationships
  • To spend more time on specific topics to provide leadership training for neighborhood leaders.