1. Ambulance Enrollment Information

    Print a document explaining how to enroll in the ambulance program.

  2. Automatic Utility Payments

    Sign up for automatic payments from the Utility Department.

  3. Building Inspections & Permits

    Easily download the necessary inspection permits.

  4. Fire Prevention Association

    Become informed on what the Fire Prevention Association is doing to help the community.

  5. GIS Mapping

    Explore this online city mapping tool.

  6. Hospitals

    Explore the two state of the art hospital facilities in Owasso.

  7. Human Resources

    Get help from the Human Resources Department.

  8. No Knock List

  9. Online Police Reports

    Learn how to fill out an online police report.

  1. Online Utility Payment

    This portal allows you to access your city billing account, view your account history, pay your bill online and update your username and password.

  2. Open Records Request

    Request an open record from the City Clerk.

  3. Owasso Golden Agers Membership Application

    Apply to become a member of this senior group.

  4. Planning & Zoning

    This department assists customers with the process associated with the development of private property in the City of Owasso.

  5. Police Forms

    Fill out and download these helpful police forms.

  6. Severe Weather Information

    Become informed on severe weather and how to prepare for it.

  7. Trash Collection & Recycling Information

    Find out how to take advantage of the recycling program.

  8. Volunteering Opportunities

    The city’s volunteer program matches qualified individuals and groups to meet needs that may otherwise be unfulfilled due to limits in revenue.